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Double Dragon II The Revenge  
The Punisher · 2011-10-26 · updated: 2021-02-06 · 32342 views [#242] 
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Carátula / Cover
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Not Spanish
Other versions: CEZ GAME CARD
Coin-Op: Technos Japan
Genre: Arcade
Type: Beatemup
Distribution: Commercial
Price: C:1200 | D:1950 Pts
Price: C:£9.99 | D:£14.99
Rating Votes
10 5
6 1
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Puntuacion 8.0
Puntuacion 5.7
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developing team
Original: Binary Design
Versión Amstrad (España) y MSX: Animagic
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
For some obscure reason, the second part of the great arcade created by Technos had the same luck in our country than the first, and worst of all, Animagic was asked to convert it again! Or they were offering very good price, or the guys of Animagic were very good programming fsat conversions. Moreover, this time, MSX users also suffered the same hardships faced by the Amstrad, nor the tremendous box or poster, and deceived them.

If the first part made by the company left much to be desired, this is reached unimaginable heights.
The (only) well, first, the game is much faster and smoother than the first part, but at the cost of that the play area was reduced to half of the screen, and multi-directional scrolling necessary for us to see the playing area is not able to keep up, creating situations as strange as our character jumping off the screen at the top.
The tiny size of the screen is also responsible (I guess) that the maps were modified and to have no ladders in MSX and Amstrad.

The graphics, in CPC, have enough color, but it seems that we are facing another game, a budget clone of Double Dragon II, because neither the characters nor the scenery seem like the original.

To make matters worse, the game is very short, and the phases are even more so, having to load the tape every few minutes, sometimes even twice or three times in a single phase.

In the MSX version a tad better things. We keep the "Widescreen", but at least the scenarios (used from the phenomenal version of Spectrum), are the same (without a ladder, of course).
The graphics, just like Spectrum, but limited by the small screen, and to make matters worse, we will see how difficult is every time you want to collect weapons, as it depends on where the wind blows, your character collides with them as if they were enemies, making it very difficult for us to get over to pick them up.

The game is a little faster than that of CPC, but did not even reach the speed of lining Spectrum (somewhat exaggerated) and, strangely enough, has a music in the menu that does not appear in any other version, as well it has melody during the game, not as the silence CPC.

As happened with Double Dragon, Binary Design did a version for CPC that was released in other European countries, using graphics from the Amiga version (pixel perfect with the coin-op, but with fewer colors), complete with maps, stairs, all the shots ... Come on, a marvel.

The funny thing is that two versions of the game, turn out to be the best and worst game out there for Amstrad CPC!
At least, this version was finally released in Spain, but much later. It was in 1992 when a pack of Infogrames called "Action Masters" was imported by Erbe Software, which was released for Amiga, Atari ST and Amstrad CPC. Logically, the compilation didn't contain the Spanish version, thanks God!
First published in: El Blog de The Punisher
karnevi · review x2
Es incomprensible lo que hicieron los chicos de Animagic con este juego, viendo la versión Spectrum de la que partieron. ¿Dónde se dejaron la mitad de la pantalla? Es inexplicable, máxime si vemos la versión Amstrad que se curraron los de Binary Design.

Nos queda la duda, al igual que con la primera parte, de qué sentido tiene la versión en inglés (recordad que es la misma en diferente idioma, no esperéis encontaros la otra maravilla, que aquí sólo comentamos juegos españoles).
Author: The Punisher

Created: 2011-10-26
Modified: 2021-02-06

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