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Sexy Puzzle · Strip Puzzle  
karnevi · 2011-10-27 · 23239 views [#246] 
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
It is not the first time that I have come across a set of SPE and Microsystems Treatment in recent weeks. If you are regulars, you will remember Superbingo and Parchitoke, two rather mediocre games of chance / board, created at the time when the PC was seen as a computer to work with, where the CGA was the absolute queen.

Today is Strip Puzzle, another game that had been sleeping the dream of the righteous for a long time on my hard drive, waiting to be able to remove the protection and make it work. Curiously, the moment we got it, we came up with another version that was either already patched or had never been, so one way or another it was prepared to be uploaded to the web, for all of you to enjoy.

Strip Puzzle is a puzzle (welcome to the obvious) of those that became fashionable in the eighties, where a drawing is divided into small squares that you have to move, with the aim that they all fit together. The perfection. A well-remembered example is the first phase of Viaje al Centro de la Tierra (Journey to the Center of the Earth), vilified by many because it delayed the start of action.

The idea, hackneyed, takes on a new dimension in this case, when dealing with drawings of scantily clad girls, even if they were CGA graphics (remember that it was 1989, the supply of erotic content for computers was not as abundant as it can be today).

The sound, predictably, is through the speaker, and is made up of rather loud music at first and not long after.

The truth is that it can be entertaining if you like this type of puzzle, as it has a large number of difficulty levels (the drawings are divided into more or less parts) and six girls to contemplate.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2011-10-27
Visits: 23239 (#246)

Thanks to:
GBMan y Agamenon3 (juego)
GBMan (carátulas y manual)
Neville (colaboración)
Peter Ferrie (parche para DOSBox)
GBMan (cover)
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