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Carátula / Cover
info AMSTRAD [4104]  
Other versions: CEZ GAME CARD
Coin-Op: SEGA
Genre: Arcade
Type: Acción
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 875/1750 Pts
Price: £9.99/£14.99
Rating Votes
10 6
7 2
6 2
5 2
3 1
2 2
1 1
Puntuacion 6.5
Puntuacion 5.8
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developing team
Recreativa: SEGA
Versiones no españolas: Softek, ACE
Versión Amstrad: Julio Valladares y Jesús Villoria (Animagic)
Versión MSX: Xortrapa
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
With a fully saturated market, The Edge jumped at the conversion of one of the most charismatic arcade from SEGA, Alien Syndrome, a fun game taking the essence of the famous Gauntlet moved to the attractive alien scenario, in which our goal was, above all, to rescue survivors before the explosion of a bomb in the ship.

The 16-bit versions look close to coin-op, while the 8-bit are well done, but rather difficult.

Among the eight-bit, two of that versions were developed in Spain: MSX, by Xortrapa, and Amstrad, which went to our friends at Animagic, whose this time, did something rare, very rare.

Instead of catching as a reference other 8-bit versions, or do something with the graphics to put them at the level the CPC deserves, this version of AS has all new graphics, and even a top-down perspective even more forced than the original. For the rest, it plays more or less as in the other versions, except that we can shoot when our character has already been destroyed by contact with the enemy (contact, sometimes, won't be very accurate).

The sound is pretty decent, and even has in-game music, but overall is bordering unplayability.
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Ranking de versiones
· AMSTRAD CPC: Como comentábamos más arriba, parece que se partió de cero para hacerla, variando incluso la perspectiva. Los gráficos no son feos, aunque sí se echa de menos algo más de color, y el sonido casi brilla por su ausencia. Por su parte, el área de juego bien podría ser un poco más grande. [5.8]

· MSX: Port directo de la versión Spectrum, conserva sus (pocas) virtudes y (muchas) carencias. Otra de esas conversiones echas con prisa para "contentar" al usuario español, destinatario final -y único- del producto. [5.4]
Author: The Punisher

Created: 2011-11-09
Modified: 2019-03-16

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Araubi (cover MSX)
Fabio Albergaria (map MSX)
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