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Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Site: Web page
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Puntuacion 8.6
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developing team
Coding: Santi Ontañón, Jorrith Schaap
Graphics: Santi Ontañón, Boltian, Hinox,
MP83, Naramura
Music & SFX: Rob Powelse, Jorrith Schaap
Bart Roijmans, Wolf_, Randy Wintjes
Maps: Santi Ontañón
Beta testing: Koiote, Henk Bosman, Patrick van Arkel, Wisam al-Raw, Max Attar Feingold, Sergi Garcia Besora, Zita Miranda Martinez, Menno Haeck, Janne Vieri
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The objective of this game is to recapture Castle Greek and the 10 worlds from the evil demons, slay the evil high priest and rescue our brave couple's future baby Pampas.

Our main characters are Popolon and Aphrodite. They each have their own special talents and you must learn how to use them appropriately according to the situation as you proceed through the game. To have them change places, press the option key to display the option window.

In the castle there are hidden weapons that are effective against certain enemies. Collect these weapons and try to discover which weapons work best against the monsters. They can be selected through the option window.

Our heroes have VIT (vitality) and EXP (experience). If the EXP meter is full, the VIT meter is refilled. The 'Great key' adds 8 levels to your 'Maximum Vitality'.


Cursor up - Jump up, climb up ladders
Cursor down - Climb down
Cursor left - Walk to the left
Cursor right - Walk to the right
Space - Attack (Can also be done while jumping)
F-1 - Option key; select player/item
F-2 - Pause
F10 or 9 - Select graphics set
F11 or 0 - Select music set
ESC - Back to title screen
ALT+ENTER - Switch between full-screen and window mode (For Windows and Linux)
Apple key+F - Switch between full-screen and window mode (Only for Mac OS X)
F12 - Quit (For Windows and Linux)
Apple key+Q - Quit (Only for Mac OS X)



Popolon is a true warrior. He saved Aphrodite in the previous game, Knightmare.

Popolon can destroy rocks a lot faster than Aphrodite can, but he'll rapidly lose power in water. Popolon can pass through revolving doors, while Aphrodite can't. And his jumping height depends on how long the UP key is pressed.


Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love.

Aphrodite can swim, while Popolon can't. She can make three shots at a time, while Popolon can only shoot two. The same is true for mines; she can put three down. Also, the jumping height is constant with Aphrodite.


There's a lot of different bad guys in the game. Their only aim is to watch you die! Above is a small selection of the early enemies.


Great keys unlock the access to a new world whereas small keys can be used to open normal doors.


During your trip through the castle you can pick up arrows, fire and mines to harras your enemies.


Throughout the castle various shrines can be found. Here you can save your game with a password, buy weapons or items and get advice from the Gods.

But there's more!

Of course this is only a brief glimpse of everything the game has to offer. There's lots of other items, enemies, demons and worlds for you to conquer!

Original MSX
Original MSX
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Set gráfico Alternate
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Set gráfico Boltian
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Set gráfico Hinox
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Set gráfico McBain
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Set gráfico Naramura