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info PC DOS [2254] 
Genre: Hability
Distribution: Commercial
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Super Scrylis
developing team
Autor: José Antonio Acedo

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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
It is always difficult to start talking about a program like the one at hand, published in its country of origin practically as one more demo, together with a magazine of the sector and, curiously, commercially exploited abroad.

Scrylis, in Spain, was released on one of the floppy disks that accompanied the number 9 of PC MANIA magazine, being presented as a simplified version of what would be Super Scrylis (eventually published by Topo Soft) . Meanwhile, in other European countries, it was published in a commercial pack called "Triple Action Volume 2.-" by Prism Leisure (a company dedicated at that time, above all, to publishing budget series).

As for the program itself, to say that the concept of Scrylis is clearly inspired by the well-known Rubik's cube.

In this way, our task will consist of recomposing, at each level of the game, a 3D polygonal figure given by the computer, based on a sample, rotating the faces of the figure. Obviously, we will have a limited time. Thus, the less time we spend in solving the figure, the higher the score we will be awarded.

On the other hand, comment that, when loading the program, we must enter the level of the game from which we want to start (up to, maximum, level 5).

During the game, we will have a not inconsiderable amount of 9 lives, and a no less considerable amount, at least in the first levels, of 999 seconds to overcome each puzzle.

If we enter to assess the graphic aspect of the program, mention that, despite presenting an obvious simplicity, it conveniently complies.

Scrylis features 3 graphics modes (CGA, VGA, and HERCULES). The VGA mode, how could it be otherwise, is the most recommended, with colorful and pleasant graphics. The CGA and HERCULES modes, despite the scarcity of their palette, are well adapted, perfectly distinguishing the different shades of the faces of the figure.

In the sound section, we only have a small set of effects, which sound through the internal speaker, this being, therefore, a little worked and merely testimonial aspect in this first version of the game.

If we talk about gameplay and addiction, as would happen with its sequel (or final version, depending on how you look at it), it is where Scrylis shows its full potential. And we are facing a game that will test our logical-spatial ability, gradually complicating the puzzles, as we progress in the development of the program.

In short, we are facing a competent previous version of Super Scrylis, with a simple but correct technical section (graphic modes that would not be seen in the sequel inclusive) and that more than fulfills its mission, namely, to propose a challenging challenge and, above all, entertain.
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2013-06-01
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