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Pac 2000   
agamenon3 · 2013-07-15 · 14358 views [#277]  |  |  |  | facebook twitter menéame
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info PC DOS [2385] 
Genre: Arcade
Distribution: Commercial
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developing team
Autor: IF Software

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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
If we had to quote all of Pac-Man clones edited for PC, especially if we included the titles published in the shareware market, we'll have a kilometric list.

 That list, we could divide it (subjectively, of course) in three groups. In a first group titles that copy the original mechanical and cosmetic (usually as a tribute), in a second group we would place those who attempt, on the basis of the original development vary somewhat with new gameplay elements, and a third group, those which only opt for a cosmetic change.

 It is within this latter group is where we could place Pac 2000 and basically, we can define it as a mod of Pac-Man series B (this title was marketed exclusively in kiosks).

 The concept is the same as the original title, the gameplay varies very little, the only difference is this time our opponents are not ghosts, but military vehicles, Pac-Man becomes a sort of Robo-Pac-Man, and classic scenarios are replaced by missions in "real scenes" with corresponding enemy military base.

 In the scenarios we found typical and extremely useful capsules of temporary invulnerability inherent in any Pac-Man clone. Moreover, as "novelty" (with respect to the original Pac-Man, not with respect to titles like Pac-Mania), other capsules appear on screen with new advantages such as extra lives, extra points, hypervelocity, etc ...

 On the other hand the game is not at all extensive, as it includes only 10 stages, divided into 5 missions, at 2 per mission, and this probably has something to do with the speed with which they are endowed our adversaries. So it seems that, to cover the loose artificial intelligence of these, and to avoid that we can finish the game in one breath, the authors chose to raise, in my opinion, too much, the speed of our enemies, in order to increase the difficulty level.

 Moving on to the technical section say the game has sets and colorful sprites and correctly processed fluidly evolving the sets. Now this does not mean to admit this point is somewhat outdated, given its date of publication, 1996.

 As for the sound, a little thing, no melody whatsoever, and sound effects (reproduced from the internal speaker) are very simple. However, given the type of game that we face, not clash at all.

 Finally say that, although the A.I. is not wonderful, and how fast they are our opponents, the germ of Pac-Man is still here, so that it ensures, uncomplicated fun. Moreover, if the difficulty curve is well drawn, as is the case.

 In resume, Pac 2000 is a clone budget with military aesthetics, not bad at all.
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2013-07-15
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