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Commandos 3 Destination Berlin  
karnevi · 2013-11-17 · updated: 2020-09-11 · 31988 views [#185] 
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Genre: Strategy
Distribution: Commercial
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developing team
Executive Producer: Ignacio Pérez Dolset
Original Commandos Concept & Design: Ignacio Pérez Dolset
Project Manager: César Valencia Perello
Lead Designer: José Manuel García Franco
Lead Programmer: Francisco Ismael Raya Roa
Lead Artist: Francisco Javier Soler Fas
Music Scores & FX: Mateo Pascual
Senior Programmers: José Maria Calvo, César Botana Rivera, Enrique García Vera, Enrique José Sáinz Navarro, Jordi Ros Aznar, Fernando José Colomer Pérez, Rubén Alcaniz Guerrero
Senior Artists Daniel Estival Hernández, Daniel Olaya Ortiz, José Manuel Pérez De Vries, José Manuel Liébana Santamarta, Daniel Moreno Díaz, Javier García-Lajara Herrero, Omar Antonio Parada Martínez, Raúl Overjero Sáiz
Artists David Velasco, David Melchor Díaz, José Antonio Grandal Souto, Pedro Solís García
Design Assistant: Armando Sobrado Cros
Design & Production: Miguel Santorum González, Ignacio Valencia Perello, Chus Barranco González, Rafael Martínez García
Additional Graphic work: Juan Benito Garraza Zurbano, Enrique Gato, Rafael Lozano, Mariano Ángel Parra
PR & Marketing Manager: Íñigo Vinós
Marketing Materials Designer: María José Romero
Additional Work Raquel Capilla, Ana del Mazo, Scott Draves
Also participated: Eduardo de la Iglesia, Eduardo Tomás Alabau
Using Mantis Bugtracking System: Kenzaburo Ito
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Which can be considered as the Spanish best known saga, had a third part published in 2003. It was the last to follow the lines of the first part, because Commandos: Strike Force, it's successor, introduced the first-person perspective.

First to use a true 3D environment, it retains the advantages of the two previous games, with significant progress in the technical section due to the elapsed time and the logical progression of the specifications.

It's another brilliant game from Pyro Studios, the company that is currently engaged in the production of games for mobile devices.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2013-11-17
Modified: 2020-09-11

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