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16/02/2007 by Punisher

Remake: Rescue From Atlantis
Program: Nightwolf
Graphics: Theif
Platform: PC
Technology: Blitz3D
Progress: 80%
Features: Better graphics, sounds and map editor.

Original Game

Rescue From Atlantis (Dinamic) (1989)

Original Screenshot (Amstrad)

Remake Screenshot (PC)


The Atlantis is the latest spaceship made by SOMERSET’s first age engineers.
Never a ship has been made with such high security and weaponry power standards. But this incredible technological monstrosity is now on the enemy’s hands, deep in the ocean.
From there, they have been preparing a large scale assault to conquer the Earth, first objective in their plans to conquer SOMERSET, and later on, the Universe.
You have been chosen to stop this, for your bravery and great skill. The fate of the universe depends on you.

A Kalgar ship will drop your latest model bathysphere into the ocean. You will have to find the secret entry to the city, buried under the bottom. SOMERSET, your planet, is peaceful, and hasn’t bothered to research weapon technology too much. Luckily, lasers are also useful in medicine, and that does interest SOMERSET scientists. It wasn’t hard to adapt a laser for your bathysphere, and another one for your handgun, so you will have an effective weapon, more powerful than the P.O.U.S. (Predators Of Unusual Size), which are very violent but not too smart. Regardless, you won’t have to fight the P.O.U.S. in this level, since they are inside the city, but with the usual animals living in the oceans on Earth which, although unarmed, are pretty dangerous.

You will enter the city going through the protective dome. The city covers the actual ship, and was useful for the SOMERSET inhabitants to live with the earthlings without letting these know they had visitors from another galaxy. It’s not buried deep under the sea, and completely flooded. In this level you will face Korx, the most powerful mage in this galaxy and the neighbouring ones, who, after being banished from his planet due to his evil ways, joined the P.O.U.S. hoping to get revenge on them. Korx prevents you from accessing the inside of the ship, so you will have to find a way to destroy him. Your weapons will be useless when you are close to him, and his powerful bolts will eat away at your energy at great speed. Don’t try to touch him, it’d be the last thing you’d do. Noone knows how to destroy him, but it is said that big things can only be defeated by small ones.

You have finally managed to teleport inside the gigantic Atlantis ship. A real labyrinth of corridors and lifts. Your arrival will activate the security system installec by the Bragancians, which will shut two hatches: the one connecting with the central computer room, and the teleportation room. Nevertheless, there is a third access you can use with your bathysphere (which, being a series X-9000 model, can also work as a small airship). The P.O.U.S. overlooked this access because of their size, bigger than the SOMERSET inhabitants’ one, as they can’t fit through it.

* Move Sinfoldio with cursor keys, up to jump
* Space to use or pick up objects (if you haven´t one in the inventory).
* “P” to pick up and drop object
* “Enter” to exit and enter the submarine.

Remake (Windows)



English Instructions

One response to “Rescue From Atlantis By Nightwolf”

  1. Tomodachi says:

    Lamento no haber podido ayudarte más en el apartado grafico amigo Nightwolf, pero los mapas de este juego son enormes y requerian más trabajo del que podía dar con mi tiempo limitado. En todo caso hicites un buen trabajo y entre los distintos remake, sin duda éste es de los que se dejan jugar más.