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The Punisher · 2015-11-30 · updated: 2021-01-05 · 14927 views [#296] 
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Carátula / Cover
info PC DOS [1057] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: Racing
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 2995 Pts
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9 1
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developing team
Programa, Dirección Técnica: Fernando Benito, Elier Wilpert
Menús: Alejandro Luengo
Soporte de Código: Carlos Vicente, Unai Landa, Antonio Díaz
Gráficos 2D: JM San Antonio, C. Valencia, Leticia Krahe, Alfonso Fernández
Modelado 3D: Héctor González, Óscar González
Modelado de Circuitos: José González, Rafael S. Gago, Jorge Rosado, Pedro Pablo Aulló, Juan Suárez
Intro: Pedro Pablo Aulló, Juan Suárez
Música y F/X: Víctor Segura
Música de la Intro: Lionrock – Packet Of Peace (Werk Mix)
Sistema de Sonido: Carlos Hasan
Concepto: Jorge Rosado
Soporte Adicional: Alberto García, Juanjo Garrido
Product Manager: Ignacio Marín
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
The most ambitious production from NoriaWorks, but unfortunately the last game of the company. Today it is the least known of the company, a thing it doesn't deserve.

It uses a tremendous engine, 3D graphics mixed with fractal scenarios and Texture Mapping, that had nothing to envy to the one used in Bullfrog's 'Magic Carpet' and 'Hi-Octane' (a game very, very similar to this), Thunder Offshore is a kind of 'Wipeout' with boats, which moves extremely well (don't know if it was the case in the computers of the time), is well controlled and it's very funny.

After a short but really nice intro, we enter the game, where our only goal is to run as fast as possible and reach the goal in the best position. Don't forget you carry weapons you could use.

Control of the boat is a little "hard" at first, but when we are used and we realize that, in addition, we can move through more things than water (for something our boat is "Offshore"), things become much simpler.
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Created: 2015-11-30
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