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Cray 5 · Cray_5  
karnevi · 2019-03-31 · updated: 2021-02-22 · 9247 views [#85] 
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info SPECTRUM 128K [373]  
Genre: Arcade
Type: Action
Distribution: Amateur
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Cray 5
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developing team
Programación: Luis I. García Ventura (Benway)
Árte gráfico: Francisco Javier Velasco (Pagantipaco)
Música y FX: Iggy Rock
Player de Música: José Vicente Masó (Wyz)
Testing: Equipo de RetroWorks
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
I had always a fix with those games of important companies that had been published for other systems and hadn't had a Spectrum version ... Basically, Temptations, Ale Hop, Colt 36 and Cray 5. Seeing them advertised in the magazines, being part of the catalog of the largest Spanish distributor and not being able to taste them was something that had always awakened in me a huge curiosity.

When the time of the emulators arrived, and with it the possibility of playing them, it was as if I had been given the key to a room that had been closed for years in my own home.

That emotion, or curiosity, caused him to see those games with an excess of passion, and sometimes of benevolence. The three that I mentioned about MSX were of great quality and took advantage of the possibilities of that computer, but ... And Cray 5?

Cray 5 did it graphically, and had a melody from the matchless Gominolas like the other three. But probably, that's where the parallels ended. In the review I was, as I said, benevolent. I gave him a couple of six highs in gameplay and addiction, but it's clear that I passed ... The game is difficult and very unplayable, as it happened to many other Spanish games. We see them with our adolescent minds, full of nostalgia, and that sometimes clouds the criteria.

Benway amended me the flat with a second review, in which he analyzed the game in a much more objective way, why not say it. And I suppose it was there when he started thinking about what this game could have been like.

Three years later appeared the Spectrum version signed by him, with music by Iggy Rock, and published by Retroworks.

Actually, the game started to take shape in the CEZ GS forums, days before we rolled out the group, and what I did not remember was that Karoshi Corporation had an MSX conversion on its hands that I did not know about again.

And what was the result? Well, magnificent. Ben worked on it and improved everything he thought was not up to par in the original version for CPC, and he came out a game full of color (used with great discretion), a superb music that plays throughout the game and a gameplay much more than it does that, while remaining a difficult game, is much more affordable for the player.

His next work, Los Amores de Brunilda, has already gone to another level. But we'll talk about it in the future, maybe when the MSX 2 version is published.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2019-03-31
Modified: 2021-02-22

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