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agamenon3 · 2019-07-06 · 3596 views [#1213] 
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info PC DOS [176] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: Action
Distribution: Commercial
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Puntuacion 6.0
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Autor: Ángel García Delgado
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
Mono (Monkey in English) is a very humble contribution to the field of lateral scroll arcades created by the more than productive A.G.D. for its exclusive publication in kiosks.

We are looking at an inspired title, in broad strokes, in famous arcades of the time such as Joe & Mac or, above all, Toki, with whom "almost" share the leading role.


In Mono we take control of a hardened hominid who must go to the rescue of his beloved. The problem is that to rescue the kidnapped "simian maid", our protagonist has to cross an inhospitable territory plagadito antediluvianas creatures with very bad baba, such as snakes, prehistoric birds or saurians of all types and conditions (some of remarkable proportions ).

To defend against the attack of these little creatures, our "prota" has the ability to throw stones in an unlimited way.

But here everything does not end. In addition, our hero must also overcome those physical obstacles of the terrain through which he must travel.

These obstacles are basically two, holes (sometimes hiding occasional surprises) and transverse cracks (which exceed a certain jump).

Finally, note that the structure of Mono is based on a single great level (there are no sublevels or phases).


- GRAPHICS: In this section Mono shows a somewhat strange mixture.

On the one hand the funds, the screen frame or even some characters, have a quite successful design (within their discretion) as well as a degree of definition that we could define as competent.

On the other hand, other characters, including the protagonist, are not very convincing, presented a somewhat amateurish finish.

To emphasize, in negative, the lack of screen of presentation, main menu or screen of Game Over. All this is derived, most likely, from the hurry with which the program was designed.

- ANIMATION: The screen scroll, without being hyper-soft, complies. The animation of our protagonist is somewhat slow. The movements of our enemies, sometimes, are mechanical in excess, also presenting some anomaly (as when they manage to pass, as if that, over holes or cracks).

- SOUND: Very loose. Everything we find in Mono in this section are four or five beeps of different tones, plus an (unfortunate) mock melody that sounds, like "prize", at the end of the game.

- PLAYING: Mono is a very easy game, even taking into account the slow response of the protagonist to our orders. And the author did not think of anything else but to endow us with ¡12! exit lives, which, for a game that sins short, is a real barbarity.
This means that, as soon as we are moderately skilled, we can successfully conclude the game at the first attempt ... And it's a shame, since Mono, despite being a total B series game, with all its faults and shortcomings, results moderately entertaining

As in other games by the author, it gives the feeling that we are more in front of a prototype than in a complete game.

Mono part of an interesting base concept, but little and poorly developed. In this way, correcting the theme of the start lives, adding a presentation screen and a main menu, taking care of the sound and lengthening and varying the development of the game, we would have achieved something much more interesting ... We would have.

Concluding ... Mono is something like a poor relative of Toki, who stumbles on the same stones as other games of A.G.D. for PC, the lack of finishing and the absurdly low level of difficulty that it has (derived from a lack of testing prior to the launch of the game).
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2019-07-06
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