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agamenon3 · 2019-04-30 · 3422 views [#1247] 
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info PC DOS [187] 
Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
Mundial de Italia is not an usual football game, it is a program focused solely and exclusively on what is commonly called maximum penalty, the throwing of penalties.

Admittedly, although football simulators focused only on this discipline there are rather few (comes to mind the "Penalty Soccer" of Artronic and Clockwize Software for CPC, Spectrum and C64 and little else), the issue of penalty kicks has been included almost always, both in the same simulator and even as a practice option (the old Five-A-Side Indoor Soccer Mastertronic already did, to name an example).

   And is to rely exclusively on a single set of the game, no matter how important it is, makes any game run the risk of falling short, as in fact happens in Mundial de Italia.

The program allows participation in batches of penalties ranging from 3 to 99! pitches per team. It also allows to play well against the computer well against a human opponent.

   However, we must emphasize that the game itself is sterile because the very mechanics of the program's launch means that at all times the player in charge of managing the keeper knows the power, the height and the direction in which the opponent goes to make the shot, making it easy to stop the ball. Therefore, we can affirm that the degree of difficulty of the program is almost nil.

 And speaking of mechanics, to say that to make a launch, only one key is used, a key that we will have to press to stop when we deem appropriate two bars that go up and down continuously and that indicate the power and height of the launch. A posteriori we must do the same to stop in the position we want a kind of needle that oscillates from left to right and that will determine the direction of the launch.


GRAPHICS: The menu is somewhat disheveled. The graphics during the game are as little, little "lucky" with a very loose definition and a whiff amateur brutal. In addition, the only game scenario gives a great feeling of emptiness.

ANIMATION: The animation of the goalkeeper is very simple, but we could say that "gives the hit". Another very different thing is the pitcher and the ball, very unrealistic.

SOUND: In the menu we can "delight" with a sort of out of tune version of Beethoven's Hymn of Joy and during the game with a couple of "creaks". Terrible.

PLAYABILITY: Since the game is short, there are hardly any options, and the degree of difficulty tends to zero, we can say little good.

In short, Mundial de Italia is a game as short as bad. Badly resolved at a technical level, very short and easy. A disaster.
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2019-04-30
Visits: 3422 (#1247)