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Pack 3   
karnevi · 2021-02-07 · 7416 views [#1126] 
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Carátula / Cover
info PC DOS [130] 
Genre: Compilation
Distribution: Commercial
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The Last Mission:
Programa: Pedro L. Ruiz López
Gráficos: Carlos A. Díaz de Castro

Autor: Gonzalo Suárez "Gonzo"
Gráficos: Gonzalo Suárez y Carlos A. Díaz de Castro
Música: Ángel Zarazaga Escribano

Livingstone Supongo:-
Programa: José Antonio Morales Ortega
Gráficos: Carlos A. Díaz de Castro
Ilustración portada: Laugi
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Games part of the compilation:

01. Last Mission, The

02. Goody

03. Livingstone Supongo
We could find little information about this compilation on the web (it was not advertised in the main magazines, nor included in the lists of the teleshopping stores), until Toni Lleu sent us the cover of the 3 1/2 "version He confirmed that the legal deposit dated from the year 1989.

A good pack, which tried to squeeze a little more the great successes of the past, when the first signs of decline of the Golden Age began to be noticed.

Notice 02/08/2021: Well, it is not just that there was no more information about the pack, but that we had an advertisement for it on the website itself, which we have proceeded to link to in the file ... to be difficult to have all the material available in the head.
La descarga no es una copia fiel del original en disco, sino un agregado de los archivos de las descargas individuales.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2021-02-07
Visits: 7416 (#1126)

Thanks to:
El Rincón de Cozumel (cover PC 5 1/4")
Toni Lleu (cover PC 3 1/2")
The Last Mission
The Last Mission
Livingstone Supongo
Livingstone Supongo