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elric · 2020-09-18 · 9565 views [#1072] 
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Genre: Arcade
Distribution: Commercial
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elric · review computeremuzone
Thanks to the Locomosxca-World website, many MSX users find out that the user Taburoto has managed to preserve this little "wonder" with Manhattan Tranfer guarantee.

The story places us in that they wake up the mouse Wilko and announce that his girlfriend Gemma has been kidnapped. Swift and fast he runs through the forest, bridge, field, a cave and the corridor of a dark mansion to find her. All this you have to do before your energy runs out or the heart of your loved one stops beating.

Of course, the road will be full of dangers such as apples falling from trees, snakes, wells or ghosts.

Well, this is the classic game where we have to jump every strange obstacle that comes our way. By pressing forward, the mouse moves along the screen and if we let go we stay at that point but it continues to move continuously and it will waste energy. To recover it we can give down and it will remain stopped, although the heart of our beloved can stop if we take too long. We can also go backwards if we want to dodge an object or place ourselves in another position on the screen and up to jump ... a button that we will press continuously since everything that appears on the screen kills us.

We have 30 lives (which with everything that appears can be made quite short) 9999 energy points, which are spent as we move to the right and that recover very slowly if we remain completely stopped.

To be from Manhattan Transfer the truth is that it is surprising how well done it is and despite the fact that the jump is a bit rough, it is quite entertaining. Of course, the music will cause us a strong headache ... excessively repetitive and pounding!
First published in: Recuerdos de 8 bits
Author: elric

Created: 2020-09-18
Visits: 9565 (#1072)

Thanks to:
Taburoto (preservación del juego)
Un Mundo de Retrojuegos (difusión)