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karnevi · 2020-04-26 · 3543 views [#1241] 
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Carátula / Cover
info C64 [143] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: 3D
Distribution: Amateur
Engine: SEUCK
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developing team
Autor: Javier Couñago
Música: Richard Bayliss
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
The Commodore 64 was, of the four greats of our country, the one that less games saw appear from the hands of the Spanish companies. It could be thought that it was for the simple fact that fewer people had it, but all the foreign games that had a version for that computer were marketed by the large distributors in our country. So that may be the reason, but it is also legitimate to think that programming for the Z80 killed three birds with one stone, and that doing it for 6502 would give less results. In addition, from what people in the industry from that time have been telling us, there were also few programmers for this system, and some other projects were canceled due to their unavailability.

Be that as it may, the truth is that it was the 8-bit with the fewest games made in Spain, and that's why it's always a joy to see how new groups are launching games and filling a historical gap.

Black Hole 3D was the first of Commodore Spain, acronyms under which Javier Couñago decided to repair this historical anomaly a bit. For this he had the SEUCK, an engine that, from what he has told me, already has more than four hundred titles made, and that allows you to create games without programming knowledge. Now, these creations can also be modified later, adding things in machine code that end up customizing and improving the result.

In this first game those modifications were few ... Only the 3D is out of the mold. 3D? Yes, the game is designed to be seen with the classic glasses with a blue lens and a red one, although it can also be played without them.

The graphics are simple, the scroll is super smooth and the sound is the work of third parties.

You drive a ship that is advancing vertically, being able to shoot forward or to the sides. No frills or spectacular details that add to the appeal of the game. It was his first work, then three more would come (for the moment), which we will comment on soon.

What was said, a great joy to see that there is also movement in the Spanish C64 scene ... And that it lasts.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-04-26
Visits: 3543 (#1241)