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PC Fútbol 7 eXtensión  
karnevi · 2020-09-04 · 12972 views [#854] 
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info PC WIN 95/98 [581] 
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Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 1995 Pts
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10 4
8 1
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Puntuacion 8.7
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developing team
·Programación: Marcos Jourón, D. Galeano, F. García Quesada, J. Gonet, E. Sánchez, L. Zayas, J.M. Bento, D. Aidek, M.R. Carbonell, M.A. Escudero, O. Sánchez
, D. García-Arista, S. Corbo, J. Valdehita, F. Urbano, A. García, S. Castro, L.A. González y F. Antolín.
·Gráficos: A. Moreno, Nacho Ruiz, A. Gordillo, E. Serrano, N. Vicioso, A. Pasagali, D. Fernández y A. Andrino.
·Base de datos y documentación: A. Adeva, O. García, P. Yáñez, I. de Andrés, F. Llamas, F. Díaz, J. Moñino y F. Veros.
·Música y sonido: C. Martínez, M. Robinson, J. Ramos Marcos, T. Rubio y J.A. Martín.
·Producción: Carlos Abril, Nacho Ruiz, Pablo Aranda y Víctor Ruiz.
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
As in previous years, Dinamic Multimedia was committed to prolonging the success of its flagship product. This time it was just one extension, rather than the two we had become used to.

It had the following news:

- All the stars of the new season.
- Manager and Pro-Manager 99/2000 (what would be called PC Fútbol Plus 7).
- Update of the European leagues.
- Optimization for low-end computers.

This was the penultimate extension they launched, before the financial problems that led to the company's demise began.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-09-04
Visits: 12972 (#854)

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