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Srilenko La Misión "Tierra Pacífica"  
karnevi · 2021-03-28 · 2107 views [#1363] 
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info PC DOS [61] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: Shootemup
Distribution: Amateur
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developing team
Programa: Jordi Arnal
Gráficos juego: Óscar Lera
Gráficos historia: Iván Alonso
Música: D.J. Lera
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
As many of you know, in the mid-90s there was a new boom in the world of video games in Spain. After the decline of 8 bits and the non-consolidation of a world of ST and Amiga, groups began to emerge that were dedicated to making demos for PC, testing the possibilities of machines that were increasing their capacities, year after year, exponentially. Mid nineties.

The result of that wave are, without going any further, groups like Noria Works, which left us real wonders like Speed ​​Haste or Trauma. It was a lively scene, which filled the scene with talent, but like everything that begins, it also had an end.

The game I'm talking about today dates from 1997, the same year that Noria Works, already in serious trouble, released its latest production, Thunder Off-Shore. And like in the late 80s, it seemed that the market had reached a new exhaustion, but not the desire of the programmers.

Small groups continued to do their thing, seeking the success that was reserved only to a few. One of them, Kaneda, created this Srilenko, a ship arcade that, except for error, was never published commercially.

With the possibility of choosing three ships and an extension of four missions, the game does not stand out in any facet; Rather, it is bad in almost all of them: the graphics are beginner, except for the cutscenes, the sound seems canned and, what matters most: it is quite boring.

We don't know anything about the members of Kaneda Software, and we would like to. I venture to say that they were young and these were their first steps, but it is pure speculation. If you read us, write us and tell us your experience, we will be happy to share it.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2021-03-28
Visits: 2107 (#1363)

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