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Atticus · 2021-06-10 · 1161 views [#1456] 
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Carátula / Cover
info MEGADRIVE [27] 
Genre: Puzzle
Distribution: Amateur
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developing team
Idea original/original idea: Endos
Programación/code: Leander
Gráficos/graphics: Leander
Música y sonido/sound and fx: David Sanchez
Diseño Adicional/additional design: Alfonso Martinez
Carátula/Cover: Daniel Nevado
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Atticus · review computeremuzone
I admit that I have always had a negative feeling about Nintendo and Sega consoles because they contributed decisively to the decline of my admired and beloved Spectrum, Amstrad, MSX, Commodore and the like, putting an end to an unrepeatable generation of pioneering machines; but at the same time, I must admit that it was the law of life in the development of computing as we know it today and furthermore, it is fair to acknowledge that these two Japanese companies knew how to evolve hardware and video games at levels only comparable to that of the arcade machines of the time (with permission from the fabulous Amiga and Atari ST and a then, incipient and hesitant PC). In addition, they democratized this world by offering prices within the reach of almost any pocket and by getting easy access to almost all markets in the Western world, using the extraordinary Japanese technological superiority of those times, perhaps diminished in recent decades by the extraordinary rise of other neighboring countries.

In MegaMindTris we find a surprising, fresh and very original game in cartridge format for the Sega Megadrive (known as Genesis in the US), which will not leave you indifferent. Either because of its calculated difficulty or because of its curious proposal that makes a nod to the superclassic among the classics, such as Tetris. I recommend that you read the instructions carefully before, because if you are not going to last very little and I would even dare to say that you need several games to understand what the game is about, since it is difficult to understand and play it. But once you've taken it in, it's cool and hooked.

Basically, it is about going down the numerical cubes, until adding what it is indicating to us at each moment, and the rows will be erased when all its columns have that value.

Graphically, it fulfills perfectly and musically even more, because it brings out the emulation of the then revolutionary Yamaha YM2612 chip with remarkable results. But of course, it is the approach that makes this ingenious and suggestive game admirable.

The only bad thing is that you must really like arithmetic and / or have a good and fast calculator nearby ... If not, you'd better not download it, but if you do I recommend the emulator [i [emus | i | Kega Fusion 3.64 that you can find on our website.

In September of this year 2021 it will be 31 years since the launch of the MegaDrive in Europe. It seems incredible that that time has passed and is still almost as valid as then. The truth is that it is impressive and moving, today, to see so many programmers and developers making games for such old architectures, whether they are 8 or 16-bit like the one at hand. Thanks to them we can enjoy experiences as different and peculiar as this MegaMindTris so many years later.

A great mental game, atypical and different from the others that we recommend without a doubt.
Author: Atticus

Created: 2021-06-10
Visits: 1161 (#1456)