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karnevi · 2020-08-25 · 11953 views [#893] 
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Carátula / Cover
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Coin-Op: Taito
Genre: Arcade
Type: Action
Distribution: Commercial
Contest: MSXdev'06
Price: 18€
Rating Votes
10 2
9 2
8 1
7 1
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Puntuacion 8.1
Puntuacion 9
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developing team
Code: Armando Perez (aka Ramones)
Pixel: Miguel Angel Fernandez (aka Sutchan)
Sound: Ramones & Sutchan

Software programming and sounds: Armando Pérez Abad
Graphics and sound effects: Miguel A. Fernández
Box design, game manual, cart label, beta-testing: Luc Miron
Software beta-testing: Laurent Dziubas
Game manual layout: Dale Crum / Doc4
Box printing services: Oliver Puschatzki
Electronic sourcing and assemblies: Harvey deKleine
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Rivers of ink have been written about fast MSX conversions. Many of those lines, repeating ourselves ad nauseam, on this same page ... But, really, there was no other way to approach reality.

What we have said less, and must also be said, is that within the Spectrum ports, some were better than others. There were those that were made without any care, containing bugs that spoiled the user experience, others that adjusted some things to give the hit and others that, while still being ports, were tuned so that, at least, the player could try to forget , for a moment, that he had before him a superior machine playing a game that did not take full advantage of him.

Be careful, this is something that has existed and will always exist, and we have already said it: a company seeks to earn the maximum possible money with the least investment, and whenever it has been possible to take advantage of what has been done in some systems for others, this has been the case . And of course, it has always been easier to start with the machine with less performance. The MSX took the cake, but also the Amiga, or the PC today, with games that sacrifice their graphics because they also have to be seen on PS4 or XBox.

And this seemed fatal to the guys from Teambox, like so many. But especially because Operation Wolf was a great game, an ultra-successful arcade with a great conversion to Spectrum, with its limitations, which had a disastrous port for MSX. And of course, they gave them to show that things could be done better.

And what if they showed it, have no doubt. I just discovered the game, because it came out in 2006 and since 1999 I've been focused on Spanish games ... And I hadn't realized that Teambox was from here, you see. But it is never too late if the bliss is good.

With full color graphics and a speed adjusted to MSX, the experience has nothing to do with what many of you, sure, suffered when you got the pack Erbe 88. And being able to mend those dire childhood memories, even if it's almost 20 years apart, is worth it.

Surprisingly, the game came in 10th position on MSXdev'06. It had a level for more, in my opinion, although all the previous ones were also very good. Later an expanded version was released, with improvements from the same presentation.

If you prefer, a corrected version of the Ocean game is also circulating around, fixing the bugs and leaving the original look. What you prefer.
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En 2015, Lemonize y Team Pixelboy lanzaron una versión para ColecoVision que, como suele ser habitual, es prácticamente idéntica al original.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-08-25
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