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info AMIGA [3829] 
Genre: Gambling/Cards
Type: XXX Cards
Distribution: Amateur
Web site
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developing team
Autores: José Antonio Herrán y Juan Carlos Herrán

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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
With the pass of the eight to sixteen bits, one of the genres most benefited with the increase of color and resolution was undoubtedly the Strip Poker, in which we passed from seeing pictures of girls drawn better or worse to models scanned in HAM8, and even some videos in the CD versions.

Strip Fighter would not be anything special except for two things ... It is Spanish and has a dreadful amount of AGA digitized models.

As a poker game is nothing to write, it uses to give bad cards and the intelligence of the opponents is midianites; I prefer thousand times the Hollywood Poker Pro, but rarely saw a game like this with as many as 18 girls from different nationalities?, French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Barceloneta ... The rest of the graphics are quite neglected, and the interface is ugly.

Well, let's face it, who cares about the presentation when we have so much beauty, because that is largely true, and is the reason to stay for a while glued to the screen, though not much, because the girls are hard and the dealer seems to be "smeared" by the house.

The sound level is very not so good, not more than a couple of voice scans and very little music, but may have been different in the CD version, as this review is made about the hard drive version that the authors put for download from its website.

The models, as a curious thing, were found in internet...

The download file is a HDF, exclusive for use with emulators; within the ZIP you have the instructions to load it. If it request you the “Tocatta“ library, it's available in Aminet, although the game runs without it.
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Author: The Punisher

Created: 2010-05-16
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