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karnevi · 2010-06-11 · 15083 views [#745] 
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Genre: Arcade
Distribution: Amateur
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Autor: Ricardo Cancho Niemietz
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Ricardo was one of the most prolific designers of Topo soft, where he left his mark on such titles as Coliseum or Silent Shadow. Moreover, he also worked for other companies, being the author of the Atari ST graphics of Sol Negro.

Recently, Ricardo felt homesick and has been introduced into the retro scene, leaving a lot of comments about the games in whose he participated (in their cards you will find them) and giving a very extensive interview to the web site El Mundo del Spectrum.

But not content with that, he decided to take another step and jump right into programming. From his creative impetus has come "King of Pong", a game that is, in whole, his work, and in which he has had the help of the Team Siglo XXI and other known members of the scene.

This is a revision of the classic of classics, the legendary "Pong", which invites us to fight a few battles with the friend we prefer, for which we will have many items that will make our life easier.

The best is undoubtedly the graphics, where the game is superb. A fantastic explosion of color that will delight any good fan of the Sinclair computer.
Also is necessary to mention the beatiful presentation, with inlay scan in both spanish and english, and the same with the manual.

On the negative side, lack of sound, the fact we can't play against the computer and the ball flickering, all circumstances widely reported in the various forums of the retroscene.
Are these aspects definitely tarnish the game? I believe not. Ricardo has said, by active and passive, that is the program he wanted to do, which is his first game and he didn't have extra memory to add the things that are missing. Also, be conscient in what time we are, where every title that appears is a give for us... We're talking about games for a computer wich commercial life ended almost two decades ago .

Enjoy, therefore, what we have, and we hope this "King of Pong" will be the first of many games.
To view the game in the best conditions, please execute it using ZXSpin, following the instructions given by the author in the manual.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2010-06-11
Visits: 15083 (#745)

Thanks to:
Ricardo Cancho (por mantenernos informados del desarrollo y su lanzamiento, así como por el material extra)
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