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Runaway 2 The Dream of the Turtle  
karnevi · 2020-07-28 · 16900 views [#670] 
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Genre: Graphic Adventure
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 9,95 €
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developing team
Original Idea: Ramón Hernáez, Rafael Latiegui Antón, Felipe Gómez Pinilla
Project Head: Ramón Hernáez
Story: Ramón Hernáez, Josué Monchan
Design: Ramón Hernáez, Josué Monchan
Dialogues: Josué Monchan
Programming Director: Felipe Gómez Pinilla
Programming: Alberto González López, Felipe Gómez Pinilla, Javier García de la Cita, Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz
Artistic Director: Rafael Latiegui Antón
Design of Backgrounds and Storyboards: Ángel Luis González Romero
Atmosphere of Backgrounds: Conchi Echave, Lydia Mba
Director of 3D Department: Carlos Capone
Modelling and Animation of Atmospheres Carlos Capone, Maribel Herrero
Design of Characters: Ácaro Multimedia, Ángel Luis González Romero
Modelling of Characters: Carlos Capone, Maribel Herrero, Carlos A. Hernández (Ka), Alberto Lozano
Animation of Characters: Carlos A. Hernández (Ka), Alberto Lozano
Integration of Videos: Rafael Latiegui Antón
Sound Effects: Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz
Soundtrack: David Garcia Morales
Musical Atmospheres: Náufrago Art Music
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
From the beginning of the adventure you take on the role of Brian, a young man whose student life took an unexpected turn at the beginning of the first episode of Runaway. On that occasion, his doctorate at the University of Berkeley had to be parked when the beautiful and mysterious Gina crossed his path. Without knowing how or why, the young nerd was involved in an adventure from coast to coast of the United States in which he would meet the most diverse characters.

At the start of Runaway 2, you find yourself “chatting” with precisely one of those characters: a billionaire high-tech expert named Sushi Douglas. Once again, a succession of unexpected events forces you to request the help of this enigmatic "Geek". But how do you explain to your old friend the trouble you've been in? Better start at the beginning ...

Thus begins the story of this game, which emerged after the worldwide success of the first part.

In Spain it was launched after other European countries by the hand of FX Interactive, which had already taken over the distribution of the first part after the bankruptcy of Dinamic Multimedia.

Although it appears in many places with the subtitle "El Sueño de la Tortuga", the truth is that in Spain it was launched simply as "Runaway 2", without adding the subtitle translation of the English version (The Dream of the Turtle).

As for the game itself, it was a worthy continuation of the original game, reaching number one in sales in several countries, according to various sources. And it is that, despite not having the originality of the first installment, it provided new doses of emotion to fans of that one and of adventures in general, without abandoning the 2D cartoon style that had been so successful.

The saga would have a third part that we will soon discuss.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-07-28
Visits: 16900 (#670)