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Roadwars · Road Wars  
karnevi · 2020-03-14 · 4819 views [#1204] 
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Carátula / Cover
info MSX [133] 
Not Spanish
info C64
info AMIGA
Coin-Op: Arcadia
Genre: Arcade
Type: Shootemup
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 875 Pts
Rating Votes
7 1
Puntuacion 7.0
Puntuacion 7.8
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developing team
Original Spectrum
Programa: D.S. Whelan
Gráficos: Lyndon Brooke

Versión MSX
Programa: Álvaro Mateos Herrera
Gráficos: David Brioso
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Roadwars was a coin-op release from Arcadia, the label created by Mastertronic to take over the gaming rooms. The idea was to create machines with the heart of the Amiga, so that they were easily interchangeable.

The project failed, among other things because games made for computers might not work in classrooms, and vice versa. You have more information on Wikipedia.

For computers it was released under the Melbourne House label (owned by Mastertronic at the moment), for Spectrum, C64, Atari ST and Amiga (curiously, they skipped the Amstrad CPC, something quite unusual), and although it received very good scores in Spanish magazines, is not too remembered.

It caught my attention when I saw it in Microhobby, but at that time everything that Erbe didn't distribute was a bit "suspicious" to me ... Marketing always did its thing.

The MSX version was created in Spain, and it seems that it was only sold within our borders, like so many other times. In these times, where real wonders are being done for the Japanese standard, I will not say once again that you have to suck and swallow a direct conversion of Spectrum (well, I have already said). At least it preserves the sound, the music crap that appears on the menu and an acceptable speed.

The mechanics of the game is simple, it consists of avoiding and eliminating obstacles while destroying the dark colored side panels. If you don't know this you can spend hours wandering around the route, with almost nothing happening (but they say it in the manual, so you have no excuse).
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-03-14
Visits: 4819 (#1204)