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Tortugas Ninja · Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles  
karnevi · 2019-05-12 · 16803 views [#659] 
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Genre: Arcade
Type: Acción
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 1350 Pts
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Versión original: David Perry y Nick Bruty

Versión MSX: Javier Fáfula
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
At the end of the eighties, a group of funny mutant turtles, experts in various fighting disciplines, with names of Italian Renaissance artists, became fashionable. In fact, they have never stopped being on the front line, but at that time it was the boom.

Konami got the rights and published a game for NES (a real hit) and PC in which you had to rescue April on a tour that took you through the sewers of the city.

Image Works (Mirrorsoft) took over the rights to convert the game to European home computers, releasing versions for major systems. The MSX, as usual in those days, was initially left without its version, but the Spanish distributors were always at ease in these cases, and if a game predicted a high number of sales, it used the usual converters to that a cover version directly from the Spectrum, in a few days of work, would be available.

It must be said that the original version was a technical one: super-colored graphics without a mix of colors, double scroll, fast and playable. Only something wavered in the sound section, perhaps because they had no more memory to work with, and that is if my ear does not fail me, the music (which barely sounds at the end of the speech of the bad guy) is 48k, without use is made of the built-in 128k computers. This contrasts with that of Amstrad CPC, which does use its dedicated chip properly, although there is no music during the game either.

And how is the MSX version? Well, a bit of the usual: it's as colorful as Spectrum, but with a use of color distant from the beauty canons used in MSX, it lacks music anywhere in the game and is slower than the original.

The conclusion is the same as on other occasions: direct conversions to this computer were the usual tonic (and only one, saving the earliest), and the user was already used to this type of affront, so It was not a surprise when I carried it ... It was a shame, but not a surprise.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2019-05-12
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