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Mad Fox   
elric · 2020-03-27 · 4216 views [#1219] 
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info MSX [126]  
Genre: Arcade
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 1000 Pts
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Autor: Rubén Jiménez
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elric · review computeremuzone
We are in a post-atomic era and our last diversion is to carry out a race to the death through the desert collecting the last and abundant gas cans that are scattered around the stage. But it will not be easy for us to achieve our objective since we will have to dodge the different craters and a dangerous plane piloted by an enemy that will try to end our lives.

The same programmer of Krypton now dares with a racing arcade with death and of course ... in BASIC. As always, the friends of Manhattan Transfer took advantage of MSX Extra Nº22 to analyze their own game and say nice things like "extremely entertaining and of great impact due to its three-dimensional scroll effects".

We have a limited time to collect the yellow gasoline cans and avoid the green craters. The markers at the bottom will indicate the fuel we have left, the time remaining to finish the race and the kilometers we are traveling. After driving for a while, a blue plane will also appear that will not stop bombing us.

The game is quite "simple" and at high levels the race, instead of going faster, seems to be jumping and can even make you dizzy. Collision detection is horrendous and sometimes we will go over the barrels without picking them up.

For a magazine listing it would be good ... to pay that amount for such a game was a real scam, although coming from whoever it came from, it was to be expected.
First published in: Recuerdos de 8 bits
Author: elric

Created: 2020-03-27
Visits: 4216 (#1219)