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Rocky Rock   
GTS (1986)
elric · 2020-08-06 · 5753 views [#1162] 
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Carátula / Cover
info MSX [102]  
Genre: Arcade
Distribution: Commercial
Collection: MSX Games #11
Price: 695 Pts
Rating Votes
4 1
2 1
Puntuacion 3.0
Puntuacion 3
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elric · review computeremuzone
You have to help Rocky Rock to reach the end of his journey, bypassing the vigilance of the ghost of the prairies. If you manage to cross to the opposite end without being turned into stone, you will go to another screen of greater difficulty. And careful not to die drowning in a pond.

And finally I return to comment on a game of my beloved Software Working Group. In this case here we have one of these games that used to be sold in bookstores and if you look at the cover, at the "reasonable" price of 695 pesetas.

But hey, let's get down to business, will it be okay? Will it be a chestnut? A hack? Well, let's check it out…!

At first the game left me very pleasantly surprised. We control a rock that has to pass from the right side to the left side of the screen avoiding the ghost and without falling into the ponds. In addition, we have the ability to transfer our body to another rock with similar characteristics to ours and thus go forward more effectively and try to flee from the ghost.

We only have one life so if the ghost touches us or we fall into the water, our adventure will have come to an end and we will have to start again from the beginning.

And why is it that despite saying at the beginning that the game surprised me very pleasantly, I give it such a low score? ... because when we reach level 6, unless someone corrects me, it is impossible to pass, since all possible loopholes to get to the yellow line they are covered with a stream and there is no human way to cross it or to go to another rock (since in this phase there is none). If anyone knows how to get through this phase, do not hesitate to communicate it ... although I am afraid that this was either a design error or premeditated.

A pity that despite its simplicity, it was quite interesting.
First published in: Recuerdos de 8 bits
karnevi · review x2
Un visitante de la página de Elric descubrió que el juego se bloqueaba por un error de programación... Error provocado por el pirateo del juego muy probablemente (¿equivocaciones al teclear?), ya que se trata de un listado aparecido en la MSX Magazine de 1986.
Author: elric

Created: 2020-08-06
Visits: 5753 (#1162)