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info PC WIN 95 [205] 
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Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
Series: PC Fútbol
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Puntuacion 6.0
Puntuacion 8.6
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developing team
Programmers: Marcos Jourón Berzosa, David Galeano, Leonardo Zayas
Artists: Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor (Snatcho), Alberto Moreno (Grihan), Dimas F. Gorostarzu
Music & FX: José Antonio Martín Tello, Alejandro Gil, Tomás Rubio
Producers: Carlos Abril, Ignacio Ruiz Tejedor (Snatcho), Gabriel Ruiz Tejedor y Víctor Ruiz Tejedor, Anthony Casson
Manual translation: Greg
Quality and tests: Lee Campbell, Jonathan Watson, Andrew Lee, Mark Harvey, Mark Freeman, Carl Cavers
Commentary: Barry Davies
Software Manager: Tim Heaton
Creative Manager: Pat Phelan
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
As we already mentioned in the Premier Manager 97 game card, the saga did not start with that one, but did so as far back as 1992, with the first 'Premier Manager', which was published for Atari ST, Amiga and PC, and later for SEGA Megadrive.

Version 97 was the first in which the collaboration between Dinamic Multimedia and Gremlin Interactive became effective, based on PC Premier 5.0 (without the simulator).

The version we are commenting on today, however, has no correspondence with the Spanish series. Building on the same foundation as its predecessor, bugs were polished and data updated to suit the 97/98 season, but PC Futbol 5.0 remained the foundation on which they worked. In the nomenclature that Dinamic followed at that time, we would have talked about an extension, or a version 5.5.

Therefore, what was said about the previous one is applicable to this version 98, to which Ninety Nine would take place, the last game of the collaboration between the successors of two of the most mythical companies of the eighties.
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