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karnevi · 2011-01-03 · 26030 views [#428] 
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Genre: Aventura Gráfica
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 4945 Pts
Rating Votes
10 21
9 1
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7 4
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Puntuacion 9.1
Puntuacion 6.9
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developing team
Equipo de ACA Soft (en orden alfabético): David A. Casado Prieto, Carlos Delgado Franco, Jorge Rey Fernández, Manuel Rusillo Sáez, Ángel de la Torre Gómez, Mª del Carmen de la Torre Gómez
Gráficos: Sergio García Sánchez, Lola Moral Ruz
Música a cargo de Tuareg Multimedia: Juan Carlos Salmerón, Armando Camacho, Güimpi Tamagash, Manuel Torres.
Probadores: Bruno Jiménez Guisado, Fernando Santamaría Pavón
Agradecimientos: Javier e Ignacio Pérez (apoyo y críticas), Montse de la Torre (apoyo y paciencia), Alicia Teruel y José Luis Jiménez (asesoramiento y apoyo)
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
In 1994 the graphic adventures were in full swing. Lucasfilm (LucasArts) was the absolute boss of the market, and Sierra games were also selling more than ever.

In Spain, a small group called Pendo Studios (authors of Runaway saga) had begun the road of revolution with its great Igor: Objective Uikokahonia, laying the groundwork for the recovery of native soft, and ACA Soft boys tried to pick up the baton, supported by Proein distribution.

I don't know the reasons, but the game was not mentioned in any Micromania, and in those days that was synonymous to be quite unnoticed, as it was the great dominator in specialized magazines market.
Luckily, I bought an OK PC (maybe some remember that magazine that directed Jose Emilio Barbero, a former editor of Micromanía), and I read the review. They rated it quite well (80%), but what I saw was not enough to buy it (5000 pesetas -around 30€- were many reasons to think an acquisition at the time).

Some time later it fell into my possession and I take a look. Graphics were scanned and retouched, weaker than those of Igor, for example, plain AdLib music, and a bit flashy interface don't inviting to play so much.
Neither was very appealing argument: as manager of a thrid age residence, you had to find a number of objects to make a Halloween party.

It wasn't hear so much more from ACA Soft, despite announcing in an interview they will soon return to the fray with a new game. A shame, because surely, taking advantage of this experience, would have been something very interesting.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2011-01-03
Visits: 26030 (#428)

Thanks to:
Rafael Vico Costa (versión en castellano)
Álvaro Hermida Correa (carátulas y manual)
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