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The Punisher · 2013-07-16 · 13984 views [#753] 
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Carátula / Cover
info ARCADE [4407] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: Shootemup
Distribution: Commercial
About the ROM:
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developing team
Equipo: Luis Jonama, Alexander Ekjanov, Diego Campos, Xavi Fradera, Toni Rodriguez, Javi Arrebola, Esteve Polls, Tony Yeste, Joan Sanmarti, Josep Quingles
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
You can clone a game with such style, that it could seem a completely original game. This is the case of Alligator Hunt, a Cabal clone, so well done, so varied and addictive.

Starring a couple of teens cocky uploaded in a skate, in this fast-paced arcade smash we'll destroy robots with the size of a building accompanied by a more than decent guitar riffs (though I suspect they are loops, because sometimes they sound so messy ), the action is fast-paced, and near-perfect control, making it one of the best arcade games of the 90's.

In addition to this great gameplay, graphics are giant, including explosions and some enemies even rendered, and a multitude of "Neo Geo" style effects. The action mainly takes place in two types of levels, one which is on foot, and one in which we control a ship, which is almost exactly like the previous.
First published in: El Blog de The Punisher
Author: The Punisher

Created: 2013-07-16
Visits: 13984 (#753)

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