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Nanako descends to HELL  
karnevi · 2020-05-08 · 12875 views [#878] 
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Carátula / Cover
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Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Maze
Distribution: Amateur
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Puntuacion 7.5
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developing team
Diseño, programa, gráficos y música: Mojon Twins (Ángel Ló Pérez (anjuel), José Luis Castaño González (na_th_an), José Ignacio Ramos -kendroock-)
Portada: Anjuel
Testing: Mojon Twins
Add. testing: T. Brazil

Powered by PSG Player by WYZ, splib2 by Alvin Albrecht & cpcrslib by Artaburu
Uses aPPack decompressor by dwedit, adapted by Utopian & optimized by Metalbrain
Uses Exomizer 2 decompressor for Z80 by Metalbrain
Special thanks to Artaburu, WYZ & Augusto Ruiz

Dedicado a Alex Brazil.
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Nanako returned to her village after having happily finished her wanderings in Classic Japanese Monster Castle, and her life passed with equal happiness, until fed up with the siege to which various enemy towns subjected them, she went to see the Oracle, who told her that he would have to descend to hell in search of the four parts of an object that would allow them to end the bad guys and return to their idyllic life.

If the first part was a skill arcade game, in which you had to figure out how to get through the screen, this time the Mojon Twins opted for a Saimazoom style game, a zenith view video adventure that has not (yet) had a version for C64 as its predecessor. Of course, it differs from this in that the enemies do not follow a linear path, but wander through a wider space -although limited-, in an unpredictable way.

The main character, on the other hand, has a slight inertia that means that, at first, you cannot stop it where you want, but soon you get used to handling it.

With a greater darkness than usual in their productions (the cover is simple but striking, like the main menu), it follows the group's known steps in the rest: simplicity, speed and fun, all along an extensive mapped.
Ranking de versiones
· SPECTRUM: Es la que cuenta con mayor colorido, y con algunos detalles como un scroll más suave en la pantalla de presentación, o enemigos multicolores que siempre llaman la atención en este ordenador.

· AMSTRAD CPC: Realizada en Modo 1, lo que le da mayor resolución pero limita sus colores simultáneos, hace uso de diferentes combinaciones de estos según las estancias que visites.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-05-08
Visits: 12875 (#878)

Thanks to:
Pavero (map Spectrum)
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