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karnevi · 2018-03-17 · 6895 views [#1143] 
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Genre: Graphic Adventure
Distribution: Amateur
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Programa: Antonio Ruiz Fernández
Gráficos: José María Ruiz Moreno
Versión PC: Fernando Gámez de la Hoz
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Pyramid was one of the most prolific Amiga programming groups in Spain. Not that there were many, but greatly appreciated their effort and dedication.

In CEZ you can find, for many years, almost all the games that ended, but there is still one that we will soon put at your disposal and, also, some project that did not come to set, as this "Lost in Time" that we present today .

The pretense of the group was to see the game marketed, and for that they even included a PC programmer to make the version for this computer. The author even says that Dinamic Multimedia was interested in the project. We do not know at what level they were interested, but you can see the illusion of Pyramid on the initial page, which included the name of the mythical company from Madrid (they had already done the same with Dro Soft in another of their creations, Stellar Escape).

The truth is that the game had a fantastic look, with graphics according to the time (first half of the nineties) that did not detract from the American creations that were sweeping sales. Even, it was going to be the first adventure in which two players could participate simultaneously.

The argument, the author tells us in his blog, "was about the kidnapping of a famous professor specializing in Cloning, the kidnappers, a neo-Nazi sect whose purpose was to resurrect nothing less than Hitler himself." How would they get Hitler's genetic material? So looking for it on Mars, apparently the Nazis seeing that they were losing World War II, sent Hitler's mustache to that planet using a rocket, in anticipation that in the not too distant future technology would allow man to clone himself. "

Unfortunately, they were overwhelmed by the amount of work needed and the lack of graphic artists, so it has gone down in history as another unfinished project. Who knows if one day they dare to finish it.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the graphics that we added to the file, which looked very good.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2018-03-17
Visits: 6895 (#1143)

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