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Genre: Arcade
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Commercial
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
When even a game team admits that it is inspired by something, it means that it sings from afar, and the truth is that the addictive and popular "Thunder Hoop" is very similar to "Toki", at least in terms of development and way to play.

It is true that the scenarios, enemies and weapons are different, but if you played the platforms of TAD Corp., with TH you will feel at home.

In this arcade we can move forward in two ways, typical of destroying everything we see moving forward as energum, or study before the path of the enemies if we do not want to die quickly, and incidentally it is better to do a "thorough cleaning" before move.

Besides "Toki", do you remember anything else? Surely, since the central character is Goku but eared, and what shoots well could be some kind of "Kame Hame". It is obvious that the developers, the veterans of Zigurat, decided to unite all the fashions in a single game, and the invention came out quite well.

TH is difficult, but not impossible, just enough for us to continue throwing our coins into the void (from the slot of the machine), although the continuations are quite soulless and take us to the beginning of the phase almost.

Varied as any good platform that boasts, and with remarkable graphics, only slightly tarnishes that looped music and the tremendous amount of failures in the intro texts written in English.
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