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Batman The Movie  
Ocean · Erbe (1989)
karnevi · 2019-04-21 · updated: 2019-05-18 · 22954 views [#493] 
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Genre: Arcade
Type: Action / Racing
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 1200 Pts
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8 2
Puntuacion 8.6
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developing team
Original Spectrum
Programa: Mike Lamb
Gráficos Dwan Drake
Música: Matthew Cannon

Versión MSX
Programa: Álvaro Mateos Herrera
Gráficos: David Brioso Santos
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
As we told you in the Robocop game card, Ocean were specialists in converting the licenses they acquired into authentic masterpieces, especially since 1988.

They offered long and careful games, versioned for the most popular platforms, and did so in the midst of large advertising campaigns and in collusion with the magazines of the sector (rare was the Ocean game or Imagine that it did not appear on the front page, if the investment required).

Batman (The Movie) was the third game published by the English company based on the character of DC Comics, and the three were fantastic: the 3D classic by Jon Ritman, the no less brilliant "The Caped Crusader" and the one that concerns us, that is not the best of the three, but it is still excellent.

I had it in Spectrum, and I think I remember I finished it. As was the case with "Robocop", they had the right difficulty so that it would not be easy to finish them, but neither did you give up until you got it.

One or two years later the PC version appeared (a late conversion) and I also acquired it, letting myself be carried away by the emotion of seeing one of these arcade hits published for compatibility (it would soon cease to be a novelty to become the norm). The VGA graphics were very similar to those of ST and Amiga (it also had CGA and EGA versions), but in the sound they were not applied and did not support sound cards, which caused me considerable disappointment.

As for the MSX version, it is a direct port of the Spectrum, made by a couple of regulars of these jobs, Álvaro Mateos and David Brioso. They kept the speed of the original, but the music that sounded during the game was left on the way (I remember that in Spectrum it only had version 128k). And without music, the environment decays.
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